Illusions EP Re​-​edit

by The Inequity

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released October 1, 2010

Recorded with Mathias Ascolese



all rights reserved


The Inequity Tournai, Belgium

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Track Name: Facing Yourself
Another day trapped by yourself, you don't know this inside war will never come to an end.
Behind these curtains of shame, your heart lies where it belongs but your mind refuses to believe.
The time is come to take a look in this mirror and to accept the reflection of your outer self, of your outer self.

Facing yourself, this life is going on.
You try to gap the fence, but your hands are only blood and bones.

You weren't betrayed, just blinded by yourself.

You feel the life you tried to hide is now about to explode.

Facing yourself, this life is going on.
You try to gap the fence, but your hands are only blood and bones.

There is no place for lies and fake.
Track Name: Scars and Smiles
I feel so empty, sometimes my words can't reach my tongue, it is so intense that I need you to sing along.
Burning on the stage, I scream on the crowd to feel good.

This life is mine, I'll never give up, I can't accept to lose.
And if i could mark this world, these scars will never be regretted.

Who's the weak now? That guy who lives for his dream or that jerk who dreams to get a fuckin life?

If I sometimes feel so low and I seem to do nothing good, passion is still running through me as a wind that pushes me to make me grow.

And if this life is an endless war, i will fight until I die. Music as my weapon, my friends as my army.

I won't be late, I won't miss my chance to fly away from here, away from here.

I'm still nowhere, so far from my goal but I'm always moving on, always moving on.
Track Name: Back To Innocence
It's freezing outside, but it doesn't matter.
Ready to walk in the dark, to get some tenderness.

When the exchange has been done, you think about your money but always with a smile on your mouth.

You never regret.

Everything is clear, perceptions are becoming more strong, intensified by the smoke deep in your throat.
This feeling of happiness is so fake,
but so wonderful that you're still thinking about rolling one more.

It's a brothel inside, neurons are fucking each others.
Violated thoughs in the dark,
I hope the weed will clear this mess
Clear this mess, feeling dead.

When you wake up alive and you think about your little rest, you're always thinking reality can give the best.
Track Name: Emilya
This story could be like the other ones, but i'm madly sick of this.

Emilya, you are the girl I'm living for
Emilya, you are the one I was looking for

You reach the sun at each smile of word that comes out from your mouth.

Even if everything is not perfect, no one can understand.
This feeling is burning me inside, I'm sure I'm right she is the one.

All my life has been taken by a girl, named Emilya

You are the meaning of love, we know it could be so strong.
You are the meaning of love, above death and beyond.
Track Name: Illusions
Words, expression of our avowable secrets.
Thoughs, expression of what we'll never dare.

We won't be failed anymore.

Illusions, wonderful betrayers, the things beyond these lines are not all fake.
No one can see the truth, neither me nor you.

It's hard to stay in a permanent state of ignorance, locked up between these walls we're trying to climb on.

Now it's time to wake up, taking each oportunity as a clue to the path of the truth. Illusions are only conscious lies made to avoid any risk, but each truth implies a lie.

Accepting to see the light, everything will be changed.
Lies and fears will taste different, as a useless need in my mouth.

Is it so hard to say yes to your fuckin life?

Throwing the coward to the abyss of our mind, we don't want to see him anymore.

'Til my own death, i hope never stop claiming everywhere that we need to know, that we need to know.