Sons Of Irony EP

by The Inequity

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Release on 4/20/2012. 3rd album


released April 20, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Julien Bonte and Goran Casterman at Icarus Music



all rights reserved


The Inequity Tournai, Belgium

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Track Name: Son Of Irony
I've seen enough and heard too much
About this world that collapses down
It's all fucked up and nothing gets any better
So how could I not be so bitter?

I've spent so much time behind the screen
That shows me the world and all its sins
It makes me dream of luxury
It makes me afraid of everything
I'm the one who doesn't care
nothing make me feel into despair
I'm a son of irony
Laughing at death and misery

I'm a voice the voice of those who're waiting for something
A word, a move, a reason to breath.

I lose my time, i lose my mind
I feel alive if I can buy
Nothing hurts me anymore
my hope have gone longtime ago
Track Name: Addictions
As every day of my fucking life
I hear these voices inside my mind
They speak the language that brings me back
To my state of slave
I know in my heart what they're saying
They're feeding me, death is in me

Like a sailor after the sirens
I drown myself in a sea of shame
Where we're going there's nothing left
But the remains of sweet memories
My heart is pure but my head is sick
As I can hear anything else
They bring me down
Deeper and deeper
I'm out of earth but i'm still hurt

Blinded by the charms of the sirens
They've now become the only thing
I want to believe in
This little things that matters to me

There is no chains, no bars or guards,
I'm the one who can free my mind

I know one day they'll have to disappear
To no longer be my reason to think
It's always sad to say goodbye
To something that makes me feel alive
But I know I can't wait for too long
If I don't want to die alone
Track Name: Brave Talk
Screaming so loud and you can't hear
my words are meaningless
So far away from everything
I'm still talking brave, but it seems useless

Hearing my thoughts in disorder,
it's up to me to discover
the reasons of my screams
as no one gives a fuck about what i think

Every single day, it is getting harder for me
to face the world and this reality
I wish i could get back to the things
I used to love when I was a kid
but all those old children's wish
leave me the bitter taste of irony

I sometimes see myself as a sinner
that no one can confess
everyone is telling me
there's no reason for my fucking disgrace

It's my time to speak, yours to listen
We had enough of brainwashing.
Here come the days of consciousness,
we won't give up until we all rest in peace.
Track Name: Carry On
We're all alone and feeling sad,
but is it worth wasting our time ?
It's seems so meaningless to live waiting to die
Never give up, never regret and always try

We're all alone, but all togheter, what does it mean if we don't know each other?
Cause you and I are different, but all the same
Living in a world of shame, but never show any pain

I don't want to be a part of those who did nothing
I refuse to play a game
that doesn't make any sense to me

Waiting the day, that never comes?
When we'll be proud of what we've done

And so I learned a lot of things
Like how to swim and not to sink
But I was never told that I would drown with nothing to hold on
Track Name: In My City
In my city, so many citizens
have lost their right to redemption
Streets are a battlefield for generations
and everyone is deaf to our frustrations

In my city, we've lost the reason
Begging and fighting for entertainment
it leads to nothing, we're going round in circles
that's why we need to scream to be heard

Empty streets and closed doors,
people feel better if there they're locked
media crap are the chains,
of a brand new type of slaves
Outside these walls, no one is innocent
but our freedom of is more important
than any law or restriction
Our leaders have lost their sense of honour
They keep our voice down to give a sense to their power

They were chosen
to threat the people like a father threats a son,
but dad is cheating on mom

They deal with us
like with the plague of 1092
they're hiding in their church
and don't want to approach you
I want people to go back to the street
Not once year to celebrate the end of this crisis
But evey single day, and every single week
This is our city, but this is all we have
and we will fight for it
Track Name: Nineties
My eyes are blind, my mouth is shut
when comes the time to have the guts
to tell you what we're feeling inside,
what's eaten up our mind.

I sometimes think we grew up to fast
in a world where nothing lasts forever
Every grain of sand run through our hands
we can't go back and start again
we can't go back and do it all over again.

We're not homeless, or even sick,
we just need air, one last breath,
i can't stand to watch us sink
losing our faith in innocence

born in the nineties
we were supposed to live only
to die in our nineties
our future's now in the end of misery

We've had enough of being trapped
in a society where we're all born guilty
we carry many things, to fill the lack,
so we say we're fine, but still empty

We need to carry on, this is our story,
we have to try, we have to live

So many times, we've been betrayed
by fairytales we don't want to believe in

If we all die, we'll be thinking
that we will never be fooled again